The Book of Niall (print edition)

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THE BOOK  OF NIALL is my 240-page, full colour original graphic novel about reality, illusion and mental health, in which the reader actively takes part in the story and the book itself becomes a magical object in their hands. It's written and illustrated by me, Barry Jones, best known as one half of the magic/comedy double act Barry and Stuart.


Actor Niall Adams seems to have it all. Hollywood career, LA apartment, money, youth, good looks, a loving partner. His life should be perfect… except it isn’t. 

In fact, Niall’s grip on reality is rapidly slipping away. He is certain that everybody around him is also an actor, reciting lines from a pre-written script. He is convinced that at any moment the director will call cut.

Little does Niall know that his perception of reality is about to be tested to its limits, as he is swept along on a hyper-real journey through the bizarre world of fame and celebrity… right up to the bleeding edge of existence itself.

A timely, philosophical and often humorous exploration of mental health, THE BOOK OF NIALL is a story of acceptance, understanding and - most importantly - a story of hope. It teaches us how to find meaning and mindfulness in an often confusing and disconnected world.


What really lies at the core of THE BOOK OF NIALL is an exploration of two mental health conditions: Depersonalisation and Derealisation Disorders (DPDR). Typically, as a result of these conditions, the patient feels like they are living in a different reality - that they don't exist, their body is not theirs, or that the world is an illusion. It is believed that as many as 1% of people may have DPDR (the same number as those who suffer from OCD or Schizophrenia), yet it can take many years before a patient is diagnosed, as awareness of the condition is very low, even among clinicians. I've been living with DPDR for many years now and needed a vessel with which to examine it, as well as a way of raising awareness and hopefully educating others about this mostly unheard of condition.

(from a review published on Graphic Medicine)

Who Can Read This Book?

This isn't a kid's book, nor is it a book exclusively for adult readers. The book contains no sex, swearing or nudity, but it does deal with some difficult themes, and for that reason I wouldn't recommend that anyone under 12 read it without permission from their guardian(s).

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The Book of Niall (print edition)

0 ratings
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